“…you sittin’ in intake, you actually sittin’ in an infirmary room, the infirmary and that’s where you kind of see… the aftermath of the torment that goes on on Rikers Island.” -Harvey Murphy

Title: And You’re On Rikers Island

Collection: Digital Storytelling

Theme: Intake

Summary: Narrators describe the Intake process at Rikers Island. Includes first impressions of fear, overcrowding, lengthy periods of uncertainty, and medical evaluation.

Narrators: Henry Trabal, Vidal Guzman, Harvey murphy, Kandra Clark, Marvin Mayfield

Creators: Davijiah Betancourt

Producer: Regina Campbell

Date Created: December 16, 2020

Full interviews for Henry Trabal, Vidal Guzman, Harvey Murphy, Kandra Clark, Marvin Mayfield can be accessed here.