“…somebody’s 16 years old that’s dealing with the same trauma or torment that I had to deal with at the age of 16. And knowing that they’re gonna be 34 years old, still dealing with it, because I’m still dealing with it.” -Harvey Murphy

Title: Stolen innocence – Youth in Rikers

Collection: Digital Storytelling

Theme: Youth in Rikers

Summary: Narrators discuss being on Rikers Island as a teen. This includes memories from folks who first entered Rikers as young people, the specific contexts associated with that experience, especially being incarcerated with adults.

Narrators: Jessica Vargas, Vidal Guzman, Harvey murphy, Tyrone Jackson

Creators: Alejandra Morante, Gerardo Regalado, Nicole-Elvina Emechebe

Producer: Regina Campbell

Date Created: Mar 25, 2021

Full interviews for Jessica Vargas, Vidal Guzman, Harvey Murphy, Tyrone Jackson can be accessed here.