Narrator: Vidal Guzman

Interview Date: 1/29/20

Partner Organization: JLUSA

Interviewer: Elizabeth Speck

Tags: Rikers Island, Incarceration, Prison abolition, New York City, Oral history, Rikers Public Memory Project, RPMP, Personal history of Incarceration, Getting arrested, Rikers in the /80s, Youth incarceration, Psychological impact of incarceration, Anxiety / Stress, First impressions, Prison facilities, Intake, Violence in prison, Social interactions in prison, Defense mechanisms, Sexual assault, Coping mechanisms, Threats and fears, Poor living conditions, Correction Officers, Police/officers’ accountability, Violence normalization, Re-incarceration, Housing after Rikers, Insufficient health services, Impact on outside relationships, Solitary confinement, Bloods, Gangs, Close Rikers, NYC Policies, Impact on communities

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